This article will cover everything regarding social media and SEO for your Spotlightr video. So if you want to do any of the following you are in the right place...

  • Share a URL to your video on Facebook and change the image and other info used when you share your video

  • Add a small share widget to all of your videos so viewers can share your video on social media

  • Make sure your video can be found by Google and other search engines

Further to the above, this article will discuss 3 main parts of the Social Sharing & SEO feature:

  1. How to edit the share info (image, URL, title and description) of your Watch page when you share that URL on Facebook.

  2. Activating the Video Share Widget and what that means (Click here to skip to section)

  3. Activating the SEO Optimization option and what that means (Click here to skip to section)

1 - Editing Share Info of the Watch page for Facebook

When sharing to Facebook and other social media, we provide a quick and easy way to do so using the URL of your Watch page. This article will describe the image and headline and description that is used when sharing that Watch page link ONLY and how to change it for social media sharing by editing the metadata.

Please note if you are sharing a URL to a page from your own website on social media that has a Spotlightr video embedded, then Facebook and other social media will use different rules on which image is used and what other info is added to the shared link. We are not covering that in this article. Again, this article will describe only how it works when sharing your Watch page as that is the default page for these settings.

Image Used When Sharing

By default, when sharing your Watch Page, your video thumbnail will be used as the image when shared on Facebook. For more info on that, please check this article.

Even though every video will have a thumbnail that is used on your embedded video and your Watch page, you can still change the specific image that is used when sharing on Facebook by editing the metadata.

To do this, navigate to Video Settings >> Social & SEO Meta Data:

There you will see a field for your Share Image. You can either add a link there or upload an image:

In this example, I uploaded a new image and the location of that image populates the field:

Now if I go and share my Watch page in Facebook, it will show my new image:

**NOTE** Keep in mind that the image set in this option is totally separate from your thumbnail image. Even when you define the image for Facebook by adding that image to your metadata, the thumbnail that is set in Spotlightr will STILL be used in your Watch page and embeds.

For example, this video with the new image for Facebook still has this as the thumbnail for the Watch page:

URL, Headline and Text Description Used When Sharing

Now that we've reviewed the image, let's move on to the URL, headline and description:

Headline and Text Description - To change the title and description that appears, you need to change the corresponding fields your SEO metadata settings. Here you can see I changed the Headline/Title and the Text/Description:

And that has now changed what appears when I share my link:

**If it's still showing the old info there, please follow the instructions in this article on using the Facebook debugger!

URL Link - If you don't want "" in the URL of your Watch pages, you can configure a custom domain. Please check this doc for instructions on creating a Theme with a custom domain.

2 - Activating the Video Share Widget

Information and instructions on this option have been added to a completely separate article here.

3 - Activating the SEO Optimization

If you want your video to be able to be found in search engines, then you are in the right place. This option will add a script to your embed code that will signal Google to index your video on the page it is embedded on.

Before enabling this feature, just make sure you configured your title and description in the "Social Sharing" fields here:

This information will by used by Google to categorize your video in the Google index.

Once that is done, all you need to do is check the box:

For information and guidelines on the metadata for Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linked in please see this article.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact our helpdesk.

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