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Using Other People's Video Content
Using Other People's Video Content

Can I use videos made by someone else? How to ethically use other people's videos? Is there any content not allowed?

Updated over a week ago

We built Spotlightr as a tool for your business, educational course, training course, sales teams, marketing teams, etc. How you use the tool is up to you. We do not offer any legal advice on how to use videos on other platforms.

What Spotlightr does is allow for direct linking to "publicly accessible" online videos.

Spotlightr certainly does not recommend downloading, using or altering the original video content without permission from the video creator.

If in doubt, we always recommend creating your own original content and uploading to the Spotlightr servers. By doing this you not only create original content for your audience, but videos uploaded to our system and servers have more options and features available to you.

Please note it is forbidden to use our application for any illegal purposes. We also do not allow any pornographic material on our platform. For more info please see our terms and conditions.

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