If you do not wish to use yoursubdomain.cdn.spotlightr.com as your Spotlightr domain and would like a custom domain that does not show 'spotlightr ', there are a couple of alternatives. 

In order to configure your Custom Domain, it is necessary to own the Enterprise license since the module "My Site & Clients" is part of this package.

  1. First option, by default yoursubdomain.vplay.media is available, so simply enter it under "My Site settings" and it is done.
  2. Second option, to set up a completely custom domain is more advanced and it gives you more freedom.

Before starting, ensure your DNS host records (usually @ and www) A records are pointing to

Alternatively you can set 'app.spotlightr.com' as CNAME record.

For both options, please note that when you are entering a URL, do not enter http:// https:// or www, just enter your domain instead.

Activating your custom domain in Spotlightr

To set up your custom domain and site, go to My Site & Clients instructions.

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