If you do not wish to use yoursubdomain.cdn.spotlightr.com as your Spotlightr domain and would like a custom domain that does not show 'spotlightr ', there are a couple of alternatives. 

In order to configure this, it is necessary to own the Polaris license.

1 - Using a Generic Domain

You'll need to set this in the "My Site" module of your Spotlightr account. This first option, if you don't have your own domain yet, is to use our generic domain vplay.media. So your full URL would bet yoursubdomain.vplay.media.

To set this, simply enter the subdomain you want with the domain "vplay.media" in the Custom Domain field..

In this example, my subdomain is "mycoolvideos". So my complete URL would be mycoolvideos.vplay.media.

**NOTE** Please note that setting this will override the sub-domain that you currently have set in the My Profile section of your account

2 - Using a Custom Domain

The second option, if you have your own domain to use, is to set up a completely custom domain. To set up a custom domain you have a few options.

Using an A record

The first is to set your DNS host records (usually @ and www) A records to point to

Using a CNAME

This second option, which we would recommend, is to set 'app.spotlightr.com' as a CNAME record. In this example in the Namecheap registrar, we are setting the sub-domain "videos" under the domain "zimmplify.com" to point to our application "app.spotlightr.com".

(To view a larger image, open the image in a new tab)

So videos.zimmplify.com when put into a browser will go to app.spotlightr.com, though videos.zimmplify.com will remain in the URL field. Thus successfully masking the domain.

For both options, please note that when you are entering a URL, do not enter http:// https:// or www.

Customizing your Watch Pages and Spotlightr account

To continue to customize your Watch Pages and account go to My Site instructions.

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