If you do not wish to use yoursubdomain.cdn.spotlightr.com in the links of your Watch Pages you can use your own custom domain that does not show 'spotlightr ',

How Does a Custom Domain Work

When setting up a custom domain for your Spotlightr account, you can use either a root domain or a sub-domain. For example, if you own the domain coolcourses.com then you can set up your Spotlightr custom domain to use this domain. Keep in mind that that your Spotlightr Watch Page links will be the only use for this domain if you choose to do this. You won't be able to use the domain for anything else.

So if you decided to use that domain, your Watch Page links would look like this:

instead of this:

Let's say that you have that same domain but you use the main domain for your website. You can set up a sub-domain to use as your Spotlightr custom domain.

For example, you could use videos.coolcourses.com. So your Watch Page link would be: https://videos.coolcourses.com/watch/MdeEdkiD

Once you decide what you are going to use for your custom domain, you need to log into your domain registrar (Namecheap for example) where your domain is registered and make a change to it.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Custom Domain in your Registrar

To set up a custom domain you have a few options when making that change inside your registrar.

Using an A record

The first is to set your DNS host record (usually @ and www) A records to point to

Here are Namecheap instructions on how to do this, for example.

Using a CNAME

This second option, which we would recommend, is to set 'app.spotlightr.com' as a CNAME record.

In this example in the Namecheap registrar, we are setting the sub-domain 'brand' under the domain 'zimmplify.com' to point to our application 'app.spotlightr.com'.

When we add the record we use 'brand' as the Host and 'app.spotlightr.com' as the Target Value. You can see how it should look from the image below.

(To view a larger image, open the image in a new tab)

Once set, when you put brand.zimmplify.com into a browser it will go to app.spotlightr.com, and brand.zimmplify.com will remain in the URL field. Thus successfully masking the domain.

You can test it for yourself. Just click this: https://brand.zimmplify.com and the Spotlightr login page will load.

Here are Namecheap instructions on what was done above.

Step 2: Adding Your Domain To Your Theme

Once your sub-domain/domain is successfully redirecting to the Spotlightr login page then you are ready to add it to your Theme!

Navigate to your themes and create a new theme or edit an existing one.

Go to Advanced Options:

Then Publishing Options, activate the Custom Domain, and click on Add New Domain:

Enter your Custom Domain and then click on Save Domain:

Click in the Domain field and select the domain from the drop-down:

Save your Publishing changes:

When you save your Theme, you'll know it's all set when you see your custom domain here:

Step 3: Apply Theme to Project

As with any setting in a Theme, you need to apply the Theme to a Project and then add videos to that Project. Any videos in that Project will have this custom domain for their Watch Pages.

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