Auto Play Video

Control how and when the video auto-plays

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When enabled this feature will force your videos to automatically play when the page loads. Keep in mind that almost every video on auto-play will be muted, regardless of the settings in Spotlightr.

Settings for Auto-play Video are located in an individual video settings by clicking on Playback Controls:

This setting can also be found in your Theme. To configure it in your Theme, create or edit your Theme >> Player Settings:

When configured in your Theme, this options will not be editable on an individual video level. If enabled in the Theme, you will see this in the individual video settings:

Once enabled, click on the gear icon for additional options:

Autoplay only on first visit - Just as it says, video will auto-play only on the first visit by a viewer. Once that viewer closes the page and returns to the video for a second time, it will not auto-play.

Reset video when unmuted - Once the viewer clicks the "unmute" button on the video, the video will reset back to the beginning and play from the beginning.

Hide Unmute Button - Will hide the unmute button which appears in the corner of your video

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