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Add Pre & Post Roll Videos
Add Pre & Post Roll Videos

How to add an intro video (pre-roll) and an outro video (post-roll)

Updated over a week ago

A pre-roll video is a video clip that shows before your main video. It can be an ad, an introduction, a logo animation, etc. There are many uses for this feature.

Post-roll is a video clip that will show after the main video.

To configure this feature, edit your video and navigate to the Player tab >> Advanced Options >> Pre & Post Rolls.

You can either add a link to a video here or upload a file. We accept URLs from Dropbox, S3, self-hosted (publicly accessible), and Watch pages from other Spotlightr videos.

Once you do that some settings will appear:

Allow skipping - This will give the viewer a button to click to skip the pre-roll video and continue to the main video.

Redirect URL - This will redirect teh viewer to a URL of your choice if they click anywhere on the video

Don't autoplay - By default the pre-roll will auto-play. Check this off if you don't want to auto-play the video

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