Creating Playlists has never been easier. With playlists you can group together your videos in a meaningful way for your audience. A playlist is basically a set of videos that will play in the order that you decide. A playlist can be embedded onto a web page like a regular video, or they can be shared and viewed on a Spotlightr Watch Page.

You can edit or change one of the videos in a playlist and it won't change the playlist embed code or Watch Page, so you can change one of the videos without having adjust the playlists. And your changes will appear for that video in the playlist.

When you add a video to a playlist, it's not duplicated. The playlist simply uses the video that has already been added to Spotlightr. When you delete your playlist, it won't delete any of the videos in it. If you delete any individual video, then it will be deleted from any playlists it is in.

There are a variety of ways to use playlists. They are quite useful! Here are a few ways Spotlightr customer's use them:

  1. To play a pre-roll video, which is a video that will start before the "main" video. These can be used for advertisements for example. Or a long introduction. Though, keep in mind we do have a feature specific to only pre-roll and post-roll. But they can also be done with playlists.

  2. Create chapters for a long video so viewers can stop at the end of long clips and know what chapter to come back to.

  3. Show a series of videos that about a product or service. This will give viewers the ability to pick the parts that are specific to their needs

From the menu on the left side click on the Playlists module:

Click on the button New Playlist button, name your playlist and click Create:

Use the search bar to add videos. Just search for it and then click on Add Video:

Select these icons to drag and change the order of the videos in the playlist:

Under the Styles tab you can choose whether to display the playlist on the left or right side of the player as well as choose your Theme:

The Settings tab will give you some more options for functionality and display:

When finished, be sure to Save and/or Publish your playlist:

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