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Chapters are great for helping viewers find the content they are after without skipping around and looking blindly.

You add sections in the video timeline for each chapter in your video.

Here is the live example described below >> please visit this page.

How They Work

As mentioned above, this will create sections in your timeline for each chapter. A space is created in the timeline to separate the chapters. When you hover above a section, the chapter info will appear:

How To Configure:

To configure this feature, edit a video and then navigate to the Player tab >> Chapter Markers:

To add specific marker points just click on Add Marker:

You can fill out the Title, Description, and Specific time. The time will mark the beginning of the chapter. Be sure to click on Add Marker again once you are done with it.

The title is what shows when you hover over the marker. The description will be shown in the marker list.

Additional Options

Additional menu options for the Chapter Markers can be found under Advanced Options:

When done just click on the SAVE button.

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