An overview of all your customers and leads can be found when you visit "My Audience" from the left menu.

Once you click on My Audience you are presented with 2 options:

Audience Segments are your research preferences. They are "groups" that you can create based on certain criteria.

This will allow you to know more about which viewers watched which videos, for how long, with what emails, etc.

Reports allows you to generate and automate reporting on the performance of all of your videos. For more information on this feature please see our dedicated article on it.


To create a segment click on "New Audience Segment". Then name your segment and click on "Create Audience Segment":

Once you create an audience you will see all of your viewers on the left side and all of your filters on the right. We automatically enable the filter "Only viewers with email" as this is likely going to be included in every segment that you create.

If you disable that filter, the audience on the right side will show every single viewer you have had.

In this example, we only have one filter on and this produced 10 viewers in the segment:

Once you change a filter, be sure to click on Apply Filters for the changes to take effect.

In this example, I am looking for viewers who not only have an email but also watched the video called "New Animation" and watched at least 10% of it:

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