Spotlightr allows you to create quizzes for your viewers and students right inside of your video player. You have total control of the questions, when they appear on the video, and all scoring of the quiz.

To create a quiz, click on the Quiz Module icon:

Click on the New Quiz button:

Name it and then click on Create New Quiz

Search for and select the video you want to apply the quiz to and click on Add Video To The Quiz

We automatically add one question to your quiz that will appear at the very beginning of the video. That question is an identifier so that we can collect the name/email of the person taking the quiz. To edit the details of that question, just click on it here:

To add a question to your quiz, just click on the Add New Question button:

Now you will fill out the details of the question.

Add your question in the Question Text field:

If you want to give a hint to your question, or give more context, click on one of the buttons on the right side:

Here we clicked on the Question Description button to add more context which will open a WYSIWYG editor:

Now let's select the question type, question points, and also select when in the video this question should appear:

Next click on Add An Answer:

Now I've added 4 answers, and marked the correct one:

Once done with the question, click on Save:

Now you will see your added question in the list. And you can continue to add more questions and repeat as necessary:

In this example, we have just 3 questions included the identifier:

On the right side you will see some Quiz Settings:

Passing Grade % - You can edit the passing grade to whatever you'd like. If you remember when you set your questions up it asked for points allotted to each question. These points will determine the passing grade.

So for example, if you have 10 questions worth 10 points each, and set the passing grade at 80%, then they will need to answer 8 questions out of 10 correct.

Hint Behavior - If you set a hint up when you configured your question, this determines how that hint will show.

Wrong Answer Behavior - This determines what happens when a student selects a wrong answer.

Show Summary - This determines whether you want to show the student the summary of their test right after the last question, or at the end of the video.

Once you select when to show the summary, you will be given an editor to create content to show when the student passes or when they fail.

Here is an example of how all of that can look:

Finally, you have a Styles tab. Here you can select which theme you want to apply to this video quiz.

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