How to create a quiz inside your videos

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Spotlightr allows you to create quizzes for your viewers and students right inside of your video player. You have total control of the questions, when they appear on the video, and all scoring of the quiz.

You can create quizzes in each of your projects. When you create a quiz, you will use a video that already exists in your project. So make sure you have already added the video to your project before you create the quiz.

Only videos that are in that project can be added to a quiz. If you need a video from "Project A" to be in a quiz in "Project B" then you'll need to copy the video in A and then move it to B.

Configure Your Questions

To create a quiz, click on the Quizzes tab inside of a project:

Click on the New Quiz button:

You'll name the quiz and then you're taken to the set-up page. First thing you need to do is add the video from the project you want to use. Just click in the field for a drop-down of your videos, or you can search as well:

Now you'll add questions to your quiz. Click on Add Question:


First you'll want to select your Question Type. We have the following to choose from:

Identify yourself - Not necessarily a quiz question, what this does is allows you to show a form that asks the viewer to enter their name and/or email address. This is so you can track who is doing the quiz and track the results.

Single choice - Only one answer can be selected

Multiple choice - Two or more answers can be selected

Text - Free form answers so the viewer can type out an answer

Crossroad - This turns your quiz into a more interactive experience. Based on the answer given to the question, the viewer can either continue with the video, jump to a different time in the video, get redirected to any URL, or be served a completely different video.

Here we'll choose Singe Choice. Next you'll set the Question Points, which we'll keep as default 1. Then the time the question should appear which we'll set at the 5 second mark. And then I'll enter my Question text:

Now I'll add 4 answers and mark one as correct:

Before clicking Save, there are 2 other options you may want to configure. Those are the Answer Hint and Question Description:

When you are done configuring the question just click on the Save button:

Your description will add it right below the question. And the hint will show as a link in the corner in case the viewer wants to see it:

We'll move forward without adding either one and the question looks like this:

Question Design

To change the colors of the header, background, buttons, text, etc you need to configure your Dialog Colors in your Theme. Check this article for more information.

Quiz Settings

There are some Settings you may want to change:

You'll see:

Passing grade - What percentage of right answers do you consider a passing grade?

Hint behavior - Always show hint or Show on wrong answer. This takes effect only if you configure a hint.

Wrong answer behavior - This is what happens when someone answers incorrect. Allow wrong answer, Allow wrong answer and show correct, or Retry until correct

Show Summary - Shows a summary After last questions, At the end of the video, or Don't show.

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