The VAST Feed allows you to place dynamic ads over your videos

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What Is VAST

Placing ads on your videos is a way to generate revenue through views of your video content, much like you see on platforms like Youtube.

VAST is short for Video Ad Serving Template which is a standard template that helps video players work with a publisher’s ad server.

Through the script added to Spotlightr, the video player can find out which ads to play, how to display them, the length of the ad, functionality involved and more. It enables in-stream video ads to be served across VAST compliant video players.

VAST Publishing Services

Google VAST v4 is supported. Here is an example of how it would look. You will see an ad display at the beginning of this video:

There are other platforms that you can use as well, for example Adsterra.

VAST Set-up

The VAST Feed can be configured within a Theme >> Player Settings >> Advanced Options.

Then get your feed code. For example if use Adsense you would get the code for a video tag for AdSense

Then copy and paste the generated code into the VAST Feed field:

Once configured be sure to scroll up to the top and Save your settings.

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