VAST is short for Video Ad Serving Template which is a standard template that helps video players work with a publisher’s ad server.

Through the script, video players can find out which ads to play, how to display them, the length of the ad, functionality involved and more. It enables in-stream video ads to be served across VAST compliant video players.

Google AdSense is supported and here are the exact steps to insert the code for your video.

  1. Go to Edit mode of your desired video

  2. Click on the SHOW BETA FEATURES and click on Beta Features menu

  3. Click on VAST Feed option

  4. Get the code for a video tag for AdSense for video

  5. Copy and paste the generated code into your video and click on the PUBLISH button

*Note* This feature is available on the Polaris license only and you can use it for uploaded and linked videos.

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