This is a fundamental module in Spotlightr that it allows you to manage your videos and group them into folders.

The List View is opened by default and it will show you all your videos. There's a Search bar which delivers results as you type, as well as an icon to Manage Groups (folders). And Options at the bottom allow you to change the number of displayed videos in the current view.

You can also create a new group within Manage Groups:

It is also possible to delete a group from the same menu:

To add multiple videos to a group, just select desired ones, chose the appropriate group from the drop-down menu and click on Group Videos at the top.

Remove video from a group, right there in your Dashboard:

  • Another way to add some specific video to a group is to go to it's Settings in the Edit mode:

  • From it's settings, you can also un-group your video:

To change your view to Group View, click on the folder icon .

These small icons next to your video are indicating it's source.

The UP Arrow will point out that this video is uploaded and the small lock icon will indicate that it is protected with encryption.

There are also corresponding icons for YouTube and Vimeo to indicate the source of your video.

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