This article will explain how to manage your Groups and add and delete videos from Groups as well. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

My Videos Dashboard

The first way is via the My Videos dashboard which is access from the panel on the left:

Once there you will see your videos displayed in List View. You can change to Group View here:

We will stay in List View for this tutorial.

To create a new Group, delete a Group, or change the name of an existing Group, just click the Manage Groups icon here:

To add one or more videos to a Group, simply select the checkbox next to those videos and then click on Group Selected Videos icon:

This will bring up the Search for Group field. Simply select the desired Group and then click on on the Group Videos button:

To delete a video from a Group it was added to, click the icon here:

Video Settings

The second way to accomplish this is via the Video Settings of an individual video.

Once you are editing a video, navigate to Video Settings >> Video Groups:

Then click on Add to Group:

If the Group already exists just click on Search for Group to select it. Or you can click on the Manage Groups icon to add a new Group or edit existing ones:

Add a New Video

You can also add a video to a Group when you add the video to Spotlightr.

Once you add the video and name it, you will see a button to Group This Video on the right side here:

Once you click that button you can search for a Group that already exists, or click on the Manage Groups icon to add a new Group or edit existing ones:

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