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How to add a logo to your video?

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Settings for Custom Logo are located in your Theme. To configure this feature create or edit your Theme >> Player Colors & Logo and enable Add Custom Logo:

Once enabled you can either add a URL of the logo on a server, upload it, or use your image history:

Here we uploaded a logo and these are the default settings:

Once you add the logo it will default to bottom right position. You can change this general position if you'd like. There are other options available as well:

Opacity - This will display changes in the transparency of the image

Width - This essentially changes the size of the image. As you change the width, the height will also change along with it.

Show in title bar - If you also have the title bar feature activated here, then the logo will appear in the top right corner (along with the title in the top left)

Redirect to URL - Adds a URL to the logo where the viewer where go when the logo is clicked.

Logo Align - This further helps in positioning of your logo. May or may not be necessary to configure

Now we changed the Width of the image to 80% by moving the slider, added a redirect URL, and moved it to the bottom left:

When configuration is finished click the Save button:

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