Settings for Custom Logo are located under the APPEARANCE & STYLE menu:

Here you have 2 options for adding a custom logo.

The first is adding the URL of the image if the image is already uploaded and online somewhere. In that case you add the URL here:

The second way it to upload your image file. To upload, just click on the upload button and browse to that file on your computer.

Once you add the logo, the first thing you want to do is choose which position on the grid you want it. This position will be the general location of the image, with more customization options to fine tune it.

In this example, we'll choose the top right position. Once you do that, you might notice that the logo isn't quite in the corner, as show here:

This is because in this first step you've merely selected the general area in the video. As mentioned previously, this allows for further fine-tuning as all logo files are different shapes and sizes.

In my example, we are using the Spotlightr icon portion of the logo which is pretty much 1:1 height to width. So I'm going to scroll down and select to Align it right which moves it over to the right side of this area of the grid:

Finally you have a few other ways to customize this:

Opacity - This will display changes in the transparency of the image

Width - This essentially changes the size of the image. As you change the width, the height will also change along with it.

Show in title bar - If you also have the title bar feature activated here, then the logo will appear in the top right corner (along with the title in the top left)

Redirect to URL: This allows you to add a URL that users will be sent if they click the logo image.

Here is how the logo looks by keeping the settings at default, with full width and full opacity. Keep in mind, the size of your image here will depend on the size of the file that you upload. This particular file was 350px X 350px:

Now I will adjust the opacity and width to these settings:

And you can see here how the logo now presents:

If you need further help or have questions please reach out to the helpdesk.

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