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Affiliate Badge - Add & Remove Spotlightr Branding
Affiliate Badge - Add & Remove Spotlightr Branding

Enable/Disable Spotlightr logo/widget for the affiliate program

Updated over a week ago

The affiliate badge appears as the Spotlightr logo in your player controls here:

If you sign up for our affiliate program, you may want to keep our logo in the player controls as this will be automatically linked to your affiliate link. Our affiliate program pays 30% commission on every customer you refer to us.

Of course this is completely optional whether you are an affiliate or not. If you want to remove that please see instructions below. Please note that this does require an upgrade to a paid subscription. The Free account cannot remove any Spotlightr branding.

Spotlightr's affiliate widget in player controls

To enable/disable that widget in all videos, just navigate to App Settings >> Global Options. The corresponding box here which will enable/disable that logo/widget globally on every video in your account.

You can also enable/disable this in a Theme. You can do this by creating or editing a Theme >> Player Settings >> Advanced Options:

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