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Becoming an Affiliate
Becoming an Affiliate
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Making money as an Affiliate with Spotlightr is simple and easy…

The Spotlightr Affiliate program is free to join and offers a great way to use our killer app and make commissions all at the same time!

What Is The Spotlightr Affiliate Program?

When you join the Spotlightr Affiliate program, you can promote the web’s coolest video player app with reliable recurring commission payouts. Your chosen method of promoting these offers is left for you to decide.

The easiest and quickest way is by simply enabling the Spotlightr widget/logo on your videos.

Of course, you are welcome to use your affiliate link separately in writing reviews, video reviews, or by spreading the word to your subscriber lists.

Our cutting edge technology will track your sales and ensure that making money by promoting Spotlightr couldn’t be easier!

How can I Sign Up?

You can sign up for the affiliate program by going to the section Affiliate Profile from your Account Settings

Or you can go to our affiliate program here. This is also where you can sign up if you are not a Spotlightr customer. Yes, you can still promote Spotlightr even if you are not a customer.

Follow the directions to sign up from that page.

Once complete you will be able to access your affiliate dashboard which has everything you need, including your affiliate link.

How do payments work? What is the commission?

We pay 30% recurring commission. You will get 30% recurring commissions every time a customer you referred pays their subscription fee. And you'll continue to receive that until the customer cancels.

You must have a balance of $200 or more to get paid. We pay out via PayPal 60 days after the payment period. Payment periods end on the last day of every month.

For example, if you have earned over $200 in commissions for sales made up until Oct. 31, then you will be paid that balance by Jan 1.

If your commission does not meet the $200 threshold at the end of any payment period, it will be carried over to the next period.

All affiliate payments are made via PayPal so be sure to add your Paypal email in your affiliate profile.

Contacting Spotlightr

if you have any questions about our program, please email us.

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