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How to configure and broadcast a live streaming session using Spotlightr embed code or watch page

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With our live streaming feature, you can broadcast a live stream to your audience using your Spotlightr embed code or watch pages. Once finished, the live stream will automatically be saved to your Spotlightr account where you can configure and distribute just like any other uploaded video.

Install and configure live streaming software

You need to use streaming software. We recommend OBS but there are others that you can use. These can either be software that you download and install to your computer like OBS, or browser-based solutions. In simplest terms, this software takes the live video input and converts it (encodes it) into a digital format that allows for it to be used for live streaming.
This should be launched and configured before you do anything inside of Spotlightr. With OBS there isn't much you need to do. Just install it with the default configurations. You may need to adjust your video camera settings.

Starting your stream session

Navigate to a project and click to add video. You will see a tab for live streaming.

Name your stream and then configure the option to enable chat. Enable chat if you want a chat session opened so you can chat with your audience during the stream. Click the gear icon to configure the display inside of the video player or outside of it.

Click on "Start Streaming" to proceed.

You will now see a "Stream Key" and a "Server URL".

You need to add these to OBS. Click on "Settings":

From the mendu click on Stream and paste in the key and URL. Click Apply, then OK.

After you add those you are ready to start your session. Click on "Start Streaming" inside of OBS.

It will take 10 to 15 seconds for you to see the stream appear in Spotlightr. Once the stream starts in Spotlightr you will see your stream, the chat box admin panel (if you enabled chat) and your stats on the left side:

What you are seeing in Spotlightr is what your viewers see. You will notice a delay. There is about a 15 second delay. So whatever you are doing is taking about 15 seconds for your viewers to see and hear it. Just be aware of this delay as you stream.

Now it's time to publish the stream so your viewers can join in the live streaming session.

Click on the Publish button:

Your publishing options will appear. You can copy your watch page to distribute that or embed code to add the live stream to a web page.

For example here we click on the Watch Page tab and then copy the URL:

You can then distribute that link. It will look like this once someone opens the page:

Once a viewer clicks play on the video they will join the live streaming session.

NOTE: They will see the same player if it's embedded to your web page instead of viewing from the watch page

Once they click on play they will join the session. Here you will see I have the chat configured to appear inside of the player:

Finishing the stream

Once you are done with the stream click on "Stop Streaming" inside of OBS:

You will now see a message that your stream is finished:

Your live streaming session will now be saved as a regular video inside of your Spotlightr account. You can now configure it and publish it just like any other video you have in your account.

Please keep in mind it will take a few minutes for it to finish processing and show properly in your project.

Once that processing is done you will see it listed in your project:

Purchasing Streaming Minutes

Minute Definitions

Every account comes with stream minutes and watch minutes to test. They do not refresh every month. These are minutes that you can use to test the service, and then more are available for purchase.

Stream minutes - The total number of minutes that you are streaming.

Watch minutes - The total number of minutes watched by the entire audience during the stream

Example - You stream lasts for 30 mins total. 5 people watch 10 minutes. 5 people watch 20 mins.

  • Stream minutes used = 30 mins

  • Watch minutes used = 150 mins


Minutes can be purchased at any time in the following allotments:

  • Stream minutes - $5 for 100 mins or $45 for 1000 mins

  • Watch minutes - $3 for 1000 mins or $25 for 10,000 mins

That can be purchased in your Account & Billing section:

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