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Configuring your broadcasting software
Configuring your broadcasting software

Spotlightr streaming supports the RTMP protocol, which is supported by most desktop and mobile application broadcast software.

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Once you've created a new live stream within Spotlightr, Stream Key and Server URL will be provided to you:

You need to enter these values in your broadcasting software, for example OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

The broadcast software will describe how to start and stop an RTMP session. Once the session begins, the software will start pushing live video to Spotlightr and the Live Stream Player will activated indicating it is receiving the RTMP stream and it can be published.

Please note: it may take a few seconds for the Player to catch up after the stream has been activated.

Once you wish to stop streaming, simply do so from your broadcasting software, no action is required from Spotlightr. Once we receive the notification that stream has ended, we will replace the live streaming URL in your published player with a recorded version of your stream.

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