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Spotlightr with Hyperise
Spotlightr with Hyperise

Combining Hyperise with your Spotlightr account allows for you to create powerful personalized content

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When you are able to add content that is personal to the visitor or lead you are more likely to convert them into subscribers or customers. Tools like Hyperise are fantastic for this, and combining it with Spotlightr can work beautifully.

With Hyperise you can use personalized images and text throughout any of your sales funnels or content marketing funnels, Also personalize any call to action, drawing more attention to it and increasing the likeliness of converting.

Using Spotlightr with Hyperise

By using our personalization fields you can already add text to your videos that can add the viewers name, company, location, email address, or any information you have already captured.

With Hyperise you can actually add that same personalization to images, making it seem even more custom and tailor-made for the visitor. As you can imagine this can greatly increase engagement and conversion.

Simply follow these directions inside of your Hyperise account to create an image with the proper fields set up with a transparent background. Then once you have your image created, simply add that to your HTML overlay.

If you have any questions please contact us and we'd be happy to walk you through it.

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