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iOS Full-screen Controls
iOS Full-screen Controls

Two options for iOS: native iOS full-screen or "fake" full screen, each with their pro's and con's

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Unfortunately, if you are using any browser powered by iOS, those devices (iPhone, iPad) do not offer an option for an HTML based video player to go full-screen. That means that Apple is insisting that when you go to full screen on an iPhone or iPad that the native video player takes over (the video player that iOS uses). So when you go to full screen on those devices your videos are no longer using the Spotlightr video player.

We do offer a way to force the Spotlightr player to be used. In general we would recommend that you just let iOS use it's native player in full screen. If you have no marketing or controls that are vital to you and you are most concerned with smooth transition to full-screen then we recommend you let iOS use their native player.

However if you have a feature configured in Spotlightr that you really need to display during full-screen on mobile devices, then you can force the Spotlightr player.

Enabling this setting will enable is on all videos. To do this just browse to your App Settings > Global Options. Or click here to go direct to your Global Options in the app.

**IMPORTANT** When enabled please note that this feature requires the Advanced Code in your Publishing options.

For any questions on this please contact the helpdesk.

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