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SMART Playback

Pause the video when viewer is scrolling or switching tabs

Updated over a week ago

**IMPORTANT** Please note that this feature requires the Advanced Embed Code. So if you have SMART playback enabled, then the Advanced Code will automatically be enabled in your Embed Publishing options. To disable the Advanced Code, you will need to disable SMART playback first.

The SMART Playback settings is configured in a Theme. It can be found in Player Settings >> Advanced Options.

Click the gear icon to show 2 options:

To activate either option, simply check the box.

Pause on lost scroll - This will pause the video whenever a viewer scrolls up or down and away from the video so the video is no longer in view. When that happens, the video pauses. The video will resume when the viewer scrolls back and video is in view.

Pause on lost focus - This will pause the video when the viewer switches to another tab or another window and the video is no longer in view because of that. When the viewer switches back to the tab with the video the video will resume.

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