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Video Comments and Feedback
Video Comments and Feedback

Enable comments to let your students and audience ask questions or add their thoughts and feedback. Public comments shown in panel.

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Comments are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions between creators and their audiences. Viewers can share their thoughts, ask questions, or engage in discussions right inside the video player.

The comments panel can be launched by your viewers by clicking on the comments icon in the player controls, which launches the panel seen here:

They can be enabled by navigating to your video under the Player tab here:


Click the Settings icon to launch a variety of configuration and formatting options:

​Enable private comments:

By default comments are public. Public comments are visible to anyone who is viewing the video. The Private Comments setting allows viewers to leave comments that remain hidden from the public eye and are visible to the admin only. This feature is particularly useful for sensitive discussions or when creators want to encourage candid feedback without public visibility.

Show on timeline:

If enabled, when a viewer leaves a public comment a marker is added to the video's timeline/seek bar. This visual cue indicates the presence of a comment at a specific point in the video, encouraging other viewers to join the conversation at that precise moment.

Bookmarks and reactions:

When enabled this feature allows users to add bookmarks to the video timeline, making it easy to revisit key points. Viewers can also express their reactions, creating a more interactive and personalized experience.​

Feedback Prompt:

When this setting is enabled Spotlightr includes a "Feedback Prompt" that appears when a video ends in order for you to gain valuable insight and feedback overall about the content.

This prompts viewers to provide feedback by entering their email and leaving comments.

This feedback loop enables creators to understand their audience better and continuously improve their content.

Comment Display:

Spotlightr offers flexibility in how creators choose to display the Comments box. While it's integrated inside the player by default for a seamless experience, users can opt for an alternative placement outside or under the player.

If you choose "Under the player" please note that this requires the use of advanced embed code.​

Comments management:

The admin can easily review and respond to comments from the back end by clicking on the "Review comments" icon which launches the Comments dialog box.

Here you can delete them and/or respond to them.

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