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Pro to Subscription account upgrade

Here we'll describe the details of each account and the upgrade process

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With the introduction of our new plans, and other various infrastructure upgrades, we've had numerous questions from our Pro account customers about the impact this has on them. We'll address hopefully all of the questions that have come up thus far.

First and foremost. if you have a Pro account it is not required to upgrade and nothing is being taken away from those accounts. Pro accounts will stay intact and continue to deliver video via non-CDN bandwidth. Pro accounts will also be included in many product updates, including our recently released brand new player and our new Gallery module.

As I just mentioned, Pro accounts deliver video via non-CDN bandwidth. That means that all viewers are served their videos from a datacenter in New York City. So if some viewers experience slow playback from time to time, this is likely the issue. You may want to consider an upgrade to a subscription plan for not only some of the added features but also because your videos will then be delivered via a powerful CDN network.

This means that videos are copied to dozens of end-points around the world. And whoever watches the video will be served that video from the closest end-point. So if someone in the UK watches a video with a Pro account, they will be served the video from New York City. If they watch it via a CDN network, they will watch it from various end-point servers scattered across the UK. Obviously their experience will be better.

Because our subscriptions plans come with plenty of storage as well, there is lots of room to upload content to our platform and take advantage of all of our security features, including our video encryption.

All Pro accounts are eligible to upgrade, just like any other account on the platform. The process is simple. If you want to upgrade simply log into your Spotlightr account and navigate to Account & Billing and click on the Change Plan button.

If you ever cancel a subscription, you will still fall back to your Pro account. Keep in mind that if that time comes you will be required to delete videos in your account if you are now above your Pro account storage threshold.

If you have any further questions please reach out to support.

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