If you are approaching your limit for your account, please review the following information regarding your account.

Here are the current bandwidth limits. This is the amount you can use each month.

Spark Plan - 50 GB per month.

Aurora Plan - 200 GB per month.

Polaris Plan - 600 GB per month.

If you have reached your monthly limit your videos will continue to play. Customers will pay for flex bandwidth at the rate of 15 cents per GB. The fee will be paid the same day as your subscription renews.

If you know you will routinely be over the limit, and it makes more fiscal sense for you, you may add an additional CDN bandwidth monthly subscription to your account at the rate of 8 cents per GB.

For example, you can add an additional 200 GB/month to your accounts for an additional $16/month. So if you are on a Polaris plan and get 600 GB included with the plan, then adding the $16/month subscription will give you 800 GB per month.

To change your monthly limit just log into your Spotlightr account and upgrade in the License & Consumption section of your Profile.

From that page click on Change Plan:

Legacy Startup accounts - Current limit is 50 GB per month. Videos will stop playing if they hit that monthly limit. You must switch to a new paid subscription in order to raise your monthly limit.

Legacy Enterprise accounts - Current limit is 200 GB per month. Videos will stop playing if they hit that monthly limit. You can purchase prepaid bandwidth on the Enterprise plan in order in increase your monthly limit. This article will explain how that works for Enterprise accounts. Alternatively, you can switch to a current paid subscription account in order to raise your monthly limit and purchase add-on bandwidth subscription for additional bandwidth.

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