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Add a New Credit Card & Billing
Add a New Credit Card & Billing

How to update your credit card, get billing info, download your invoice and receipts, and add a credit balance (wallet) to your account

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Add New Card & Download Invoice/Receipt

Click on Account & Billing in the bottom left corner:

Then click on Billing Information button:

You will be taken to our Stripe payment portal page. Here you can update your payment method:

You can also download your invoice and/or receipt. Just click this icon next to the payment:

Add A Credit Balance

If you want to add credit to your account you can do so from this section. If you have issues with your credit card because of their automated fraud protection or other banking issues, you may want to add credit to your account to ensure that recurring payments or bandwidth flex payments are paid on time.

Any credit added to your account can be refunded at any time by request to our helpdesk.

You can add credit to your account here:


What if my license is expired? How can I update my card and settle my past due payment?

If your license has expired then you are unable to access the Billing section in your account. However, you should be prompted to add a new Credit Card from the login screen when you try to log in.

How do I delete old cards?

On the Stripe portal page described above you can delete your old cards by clicking the 'X' next to the card entry.

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