In order to add a new Credit Card to your account from Spotlightr's interface, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Accounts Settings in the bottom left corner and then choose "Billing & License Information".

Billing Profile

  • Then on the right side you will see a button to "ADD PAYMENT METHOD"

Add Payment Method

  • Enter your card info and be sure to enter the CVC and ZIP/Postal code if the field is there. (For some countries the ZIP/Postal code is not required). When finished click the button "SAVE NEW CARD".

Save Card

What if my license is expired? How can I update my card and settle my past due payment?

If your license has expired then you are unable to access the Billing section in your account. However, you should be prompted to add a new Credit Card from the login screen when you try to log in.

How do I delete old cards?

If you have an old card you want to remove from the system then please contact the helpdesk.

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