On January 12th of 2012, we began rolling out Spotlightr 4.2 version of our video player publically. In the following week or two your account should also have this option turned on by default and of course if for whatever reason you prefer to go back to the previous version, a simple switch is available both in the preview as well as in all publish options.

As previously mentioned 4.2 enables us to do a lot more, with better performance and viewer experience so expect new capabilities and features to start rolling out subsequently following us establishing and troubleshooting any issues that arise from the rollout.

What's new in 4.2?

Inline Timeline

Based on initial feedback, some users have shown interest in the ability to move the main player progress bar (timeline) to the same level as controls, rather than it having be above it, that's now feasible from buttons and controls options:

Timeline will remain above the controls on mobile screens.

Tap controls

We've also added double tap gesture support for rewinding / fast forwarding (when enabled) making content navigation much easier for mobile viewers. This works similarly to youtube, double tapping left rewinds 10s, double tapping right fast forwards. Keeping in mind any gates or other events will still pause the video if scrubbing runs into them.

Better error handling and messaging have also been implemented for us to have better understanding of what goes wrong when something does.

We continually look forward to your feedback and thank you for your support patience and understanding as we are progressing with this effort.

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