The transcription feature allows you to generate your subtitles automatically. The audio component of your video will be converted to text and then added as a subtitle.

*Please note that the transcription feature only works with videos that are uploaded to Spotlightr. This feature cannot be applied to any linked videos.

The transcription will be created in the VTT format and attached to your video as a subtitle. To download that file just paste the URL into your browser (please refer to the below picture).

Then you can edit that file in notepad and add it again as a subtitle.

To set it as default, just click on the check mark and it will become green to indicate this change. During playback, your default subtitles will be displayed automatically.

Currently, only English to English is supported. Transcription Minutes credits never expire, prices are listed below:

  • $4 for 60 Minutes

  • $28 for 600 Minutes

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