A different approach to pop-up modals

Whereas previously we offered an ability to generate a link or use a thumbnail image for the pop-up trigger, we have now decided on a different approach.

New pop-ups will act and load and look exactly as a regular player embed, and in fact will be a regular player, only difference being that on click the popup will zoom out and on exit will return to the original position.

In future we plan to add additional trigger styling capabilities but we prefer this approach for several reasons.

  1. Video element is present initially making it a lot easier to execute playback with sound once the popup is opened.
  2. Better appearance consistency and with that more customization options, for example changing the color of the regular button will change in on the popup preview immediately.

Fixes included in this release

  • Improved sizing of elements due to conflicts with multiple _new.js files styling the same element over and over
  • Showing video name conditionally based on user player settings
  • Additional performance optimization through minification of static resources
  • Implemented protocol independent resource binding
  • Improved positioning of timeline thumbnails and their relation to time tooltip
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