If when you play your video it starts playing and then after a short while it stops, buffers, and then starts again and stops again and so on, it's likely that there is significant room for improvement of your streaming performance.

Always optimize your files before uploading

We always recommend that before uploading to Spotlightr you optimize your files for web as this will ensure a smoother encoding process and produce better results.

Use two-pass conversion

If you have already optimized your files before you uploaded them and are still experiencing buffering / streaming issues, an additional option available to use is a two-pass conversion which takes a bit longer but produces much better results.

You may access two pass conversion by selecting the settings menu available when you are uploading your video.

If the issue persists, please provide us with additional details regarding your upload, file type, size and if possible link to download the original file you are trying to upload.

What's causing this issue?

Many different factors can impact how videos are encoded, but to give you a better idea how streaming works, here's a basic explanation. 

When you upload and secure your videos on Spotlightr. We break them down in 2 second segments. Based on the content of those segments, some may be smaller some larger and take longer to load. For example you can have a pretty basic intro for first 5 seconds of the video which play without an issue and then a first scene with a lot of color and movement which takes longer to buffer.

Try disabling resolution auto-switch

One of the things you can do to troubleshoot the issue is attempt to disable the resolution auto-switch from your application settings.

Doing this will eliminate the stops caused by the video player switching resolutions during playback due to detected changes in connection speed.

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