After considering potential improvements related to the performance of the player and viewing experience we have come to a conclusion that improving the current iteration of the player would yield in little, which is why we have decided to rework the entire player from the ground up leveraging all of the lessons learned and opportunities identified so far.

What's different in 4.2?

Everything and nothing.
Aside from improvements in the responsiveness and appearance of the general player controls, we are looking to replicate the exact behavior of existing features, so in 4.2 all of your interactive features will look and work the same.

What have we changed?
The infrastructure of the app has been completely revamped in such a way that not only processing of code and requests is faster but the code itself will be significantly smaller, since components will be included on as needed basis, whereas in the current Spotlightr all code is included in every video. This approach was particularly bad since if you wanted a simple player with your branding on your page, with that you are now loading code for funnels, code for custom integrations etc. which is certainly not optimal.

Once BETA goes live all videos will be updated

Regardless of if you are using Spotlightr watch pages or are embedding the videos on your site, no further changes to your embed codes or shared links will be needed once the BETA is complete and we release the update. All videos will automatically be updated to the new player.

How do you participate in the BETA?

Getting started with testing 4.2 is as simple as going to Application Settings and enabling the appropriate option.

Once you have done so, new toggle will appear in your publish screen that will generate appropriate embed codes and links for testing 4.2

Keep in mind...
Not all features are included in 4.2 still. We are taking the approach of first testing the basic playback functionality, ensuring that is meeting all criteria and then adding tranches of features, each followed by another testing round

Embed codes and links you are generating now should not be used in production environments. You should use them for testing and submitting feedback only.

How to submit feedback?
We are welcoming feedback via all of our regular support channels, live chat, email, webinars, and so on. At this point, don't worry about formatting your feedback, the more input we get on not only things that are working / not working, but also things you like / don't like, things you think could be working better, could look nicer... is really what we are after.

Thanks for your participation and feedback.
Looking forward to imrpoving Spotlightr with your help and with you in mind.

Spotlightr Product Team

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