BETA Testers

Please note many of the file names of our Chrome Extension are still under our old brand and still need to be updated. The extension does still work with the old name, however.

To install the plugin before we publish it in the Chrome Web Store, you will need to download it from the following link:

1. Once you have the file downloaded you must unzip it. Once you unzip it, the folder should simply be called "vooPlayerExtension".

2. Open chrome://extensions in your browser and turn on the Developer Mode

3. Then click on Load Unpacked

4. Click on the 'vooPlayerExtension' folder, and then select the folder called '_recording'. Then click on "Select Folder"

This will load the Spotlightr extension

Once installed you will be able to open it and login to your account from the extensions menu

Managing your videos

As soon as you login you will be presented with a list of videos you can browse search and generate publish codes and share links to.

Check out our video tutorial on this here.

Creating a new video

Click at the record new video button, select the media you want turned on during recording and confirm. Once finished simply click "Stop Sharing" to review the video before uploading it to your Spotlightr account.

Check out our video tutorial on this here.


If you run into recording issues, try to restart your chrome browser and or disable other extensions. Please report any issues as you would normally to


  • March, 26th (v.  0.1)
    Released BETA

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