If you are just starting your online project and are looking for a video solution but are not fully ready to commit just yet, Spotlightr FREE is a great solution for you. 

Without any financial commitments, Spotlightr FREE allows you to create up to 5 videos, either by uploading or linking them, customize the player to match your brand, capture leads and display interactive calls to action. This ensures you have a solution implemented which you can scale whenever your demand increases.

Existing accounts downgrading to FREE

All existing accounts, currently active or cancelled, have the ability to downgrade to Spotlightr FREE, keeping in mind they will need to adhere to the 5 videos limit and the 5 GB of storage limit..

Benefits of upgrading to paid accounts

Upgrading unlocks dozens of Spotlightr Modules and Player Features. Besides that it also makes your videos more powerful by utilizing Turbo Bandwidth Cloud Delivery Network for faster streaming.

Other benefits include more storage, unlimited linked videos, API services, added player customizations, and more. Please see this article for more info on our available accounts.

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