You may now request a transcription of your videos uploaded to Spotlightr in order to have subtitles generated automatically.

You may purchase transcribe minutes from the Account & Billing section.

Transcription Minutes credits never expire and are priced at:

  • $20 for 150 Minutes of Transcription

How To Request Transcription

You can request transcription within the video settings of an individual video or when you upload video(s) to Spotlightr.

Individual Video

Within an individual video you can find the option in the Player tab, then Captions & Transcripts:

Then activate the option to Transcribe Video and choose the language used in the video and then click Save

While it transcribes you will see it Processing:

Once done you will be able to Edit your transcription right inside of Spotlightr.

To do so click on the Edit Transcript button:

This will launch our transcript editor:

(Please see the video tutorial at the top of this article to learn how to operate the editor)

Generate Transcriptions During Video Upload

When uploading a video to Spotlightr click on the small icon here:

And then turn on the option to Transcribe:

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