The main goal of every video player is to load and to start serving source content as fast as possible. We've spent past several months on optimizing almost every part of the loading processes in order to achieve best results possible and are excited to let you know that you can start testing the new loading method today.

This short video explains how you can get started with the new method.

Using the new method

In order for you to test this out, you will need to generate a new embed code as demonstrated in the video.

When generating the new player embed code, simply turn on BETA: Performance Optimizations toggle.

Copy the new code and paste it on your website.

Testing results

We were able to demonstrate significant gains in various aspects of the application performance and these are some of the highlights.

  • Page Load Time
    3.13 seconds improvement
  • Player & Player Associated Weight
    517KB reduction
  • Data Processing Time
    0.68 seconds improvement

Technical notes

Here's a technical outline of what was accomplished.

  1. Entire loading process was deferred until after the user has clicked on the play button. This was achieved by simulating a player load through a thumbnail image and external play button.
    What this accomplishes is instant load of the player, no drag on the page load time, basically same as if you were loading a regular image.
  2. The player weight has been optimized, meaning that required files and libraries will load significantly faster once the player starts loading.
  3. Generating and gathering required data has been also optimized by processing all the data locally rather than routing through the API services.

BETA Roll-out timeline

New performance optimizations will be in the open BETA testing period when we are hoping to gather as much feedback as we can from you on how we can improve this method even further.

Any feedback on this is extremely valuable to us, so please let us know of any issues you run into or suggestions you may have.

There's still a lot to be done from an infrastructure standpoint, as we move forward, we will be looking at investing more in higher performing cloud and storage services.

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