This is an outdated article that we are leaving up temporarily for some legacy accounts. Spotightr no longer offers any "regular bandwidth" other than the legacy Pro account. Our current Free and Polaris accounts use CDN bandwidth exclusively.

In comparison with the Regular Bandwidth, the difference is that the Turbo Bandwidth is intended for professional use and it delivers the content much faster.  

  • When using Regular Bandwidth your videos are served from our data center in New York City.
  • When using Turbo Bandwidth, your videos are served from any one of 200 locations across the globe so this might be a great solution for your particular situation.

The Turbo-Bandwidth is recently increased to 200 GB for all ENTERPRISE users and it resets every month, it can be increased if necessary.

  • It is the traffic between our servers and users, which are viewing your video. 
  • The turbo-bandwidth is much better than the regular one, which means your videos will be streamed at higher speed (faster buffering).
  • If it is exceeded, you will be switched to the regular one without extra charges.
  • Purchased additional bandwidth will be transferred to the next month, if not used.
  • Please note that Turbo Bandwidth is only being used if you are uploading your videos directly to Spotlightr and it is implemented by the latest technology in Content Delivery Network

Video Streaming Performance Comparison

Regular Bandwidth

Turbo Bandwidth

How to disable Turbo-Bandwidth for some specific video?

  • Go to Settings
  • Move the corresponding toggle to the right and click on PUBLISH

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