We are excited to release Spotlightr Overlays 2.0. This update provides your videos with a new set of highly engaging, conversion optimized call to action and annotation templates which can be integrated and customized very easily. 

Please check out our short video on this feature here.

Conversion Oriented Templates

Within the initial release we are providing you with 14 templates. They are categorized and named in such a way as to easily find the one you need.

  • 2 Text Link Templates
  • 2 Image Link Templates
  • 2 Button CTA Templates
  • 2 Optin Templates
  • 2 Coupon Templates
  • 2 Annotation Templates
  • 2 Custom Code Templates

All of these are available to you regardless of your Spotlightr license. If you have ideas for additional templates you and other users may benefit from, we are welcoming all feedback and suggestions.

More Control, Easier Set-up

The biggest problem previous iteration of overlays had was that it was super difficult to implement a simple desired layout. And if you didn't know how to code, it was nearly impossible.

Simple use cases such as "button in the top right corner of the video" took several minutes to realize, whereas now, it takes seconds.

"add a simple annotation about something I forgot to mention in the video", also in seconds

"end the video with an actionable promotional offer", in seconds...

We've designed templates which realize these common use-cases and much more and then created unique controls which adapt to those templates perfectly allowing you to customize them with ease, with the end goal, anyone being able to fully leverage these templates and create professional looking overlays in seconds.

Mobile display

Main challenge we faced was making sure new overlays keep their layout and perform well on mobile devices. The decision we made was to scale down the overlays ensuring the exact same layout as on larger screens.

If you want more control, each template has a settings control allowing you to decide if it will appear on mobile or desktop devices. Furthermore, next batch of templates will focus primarily on mobile devices.

What's next for overlays? Analytics.

While this is a major enhancement which we believe contributes significant value, we feel there is still a lot to be done. Next thing we will be focusing on with regards to overlays is in-depth analytics providing you with insights reflecting the effectiveness of your overlays, how many times each one has been shown, was it interacted with, was it skipped, etc. 

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