There are a few different ways you can copy settings from one video to another video or to a group of videos.  This can obviously save you a lot of time if you use the same settings and configurations in many of your videos.  

One way you can use this feature is by creating a "Template" video or videos that you configure with all of the options that you need, and then use that template to copy settings to other videos that you create.  More on that at the end of this article.

First a note on our Themes feature and how this is affected....

Keep in mind that when you copy settings from one video to another you are copying everything that is configured with the video, including a theme if that is added to a video.

Furthermore, if the video that is being copied to has a theme and the video copied from does not, then the video will keep it's theme configuration.

For example, let's say you are copying settings from video 1 to video 2. Video 1 has player colors configured and video 2 has a theme applied with different player colors than video 1. Once you copy settings, all settings will copy but the theme in player 2 will over-ride the colors being copied from video 1. Long story short....the theme will always win.

Copying Settings From Your Dashboard

The first way to copy settings is by doing this in the My Videos Dashboard.  

From your Dashboard, select one or more videos which will get settings applied TO. You will also see them added at the top.

If you need to search for the video, you can do so from the Search field. In this example, I'm searching for the video "Golf Trip". Once you find it by search here make sure you click on it:

After clicking it, videos with that term will be listed and here you can select which one you want and it will be added to top:

Now click on the Apply Player Settings button and select a video FROM which to copy:

Use the Search Field to find that video. If you want to copy the thumbnail settings, but sure to check that box next to the Search field:

So in this example, I am select to copy settings FROM Yoga Session #4 TO the previously 4 selected videos. I checked the box off so I do want the thumbnail copied as well:

Copying Settings From Application Settings (Multiple Videos)

Here you can apply the settings from one video to a group of videos, or to all of your videos.

Navigate to your Profile >> App Settings >> Apply Player Settings tab:

If you want to copy settings to ALL of your videos, simply flip the switch ON for "To All Videos" and then select a video to copy FROM. There is also a checkbox for the thumbnail. I will leave this unchecked as I do not want to copy the thumbnail to all videos.

So in this example, I'm copying the settings from the video Pinocchio to all of the videos in my account:

In this example, I'm copying settings from the Pinocchio video to all of the videos in the group called Training Videos. And I'm also copying over the thumbnail to all of them as well:

Copying Settings When Uploading a New Video

Another way to copy settings from one video to another is when you upload a new video.  During this process you can copy settings from another video already have in your account.

This can also be done when you mass import videos.

To mass import videos, click on Mass Import from your My Video Dashboard:

And you see the option to apply settings from a video to all of the videos you are importing:

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