There are a few different ways you can copy settings from one video to another video or to a group of videos.  This can obviously save you a lot of time if you use the same settings and configurations in many of your videos.  

One way you can use this feature is by creating a "Template" video or videos that you configure with all of the options that you need, and then use that template to copy settings to other videos that you create.  More on that at the end of this article.

Copying Settings From Your Dashboard

The first way to copy settings is by doing this in the My Videos Dashboard.  

  1. In the Dashboard, you should select one or multiple videos on which you wish TO apply settings.
  2. Furthermore, you should click on the Apply Player Settings button and select a video FROM which these settings will be applied.

Copying Settings From Application Settings (Multiple Videos)

Here you can apply the settings from one video to a group of videos, or to all of your videos.

First click on your name on the bottom left corner and go to "Application Settings".  Now we'll show you how to apply settings from one video to a group.  

First, select "To Video Group".  Then select the group you want to apply the settings TO, and select the video you want to apply the settings FROM:

In this example above, I am copying the settings from the video "animation example" and applying them to all of the videos in the "Evolution" folder/group.

NOTE:  Please keep in mind that any videos that are added to this "Evolution" group in the future will NOT have those copied settings.

Copying Settings When Uploading a New Video

Another way to copy settings from one video to another is when you upload a new video.  During this process you can copy settings from another video already have in your account.

In this example, I am uploading a new video called "Video 67" and then I can select another video to copy settings from.

Copying Settings Using Mass Import 

And yet another way to copy settings is using our Mass Import feature which can be found on your My Videos Dashboard:

After selecting this, you can import a number of videos into your account and then choose a video that already exists in your account to copy settings FROM:

In this example all of the videos I am importing will get their settings copied from the video titled "FB Integration Tutorial".

Example Case:  Using Mass Import and Video Templates

In the following example we'll show you how you can create Video Templates in your account to use to copy settings to newly uploaded videos using the Mass Import feature.

The templates will have a pre-roll and post-roll sponsor clip that you might want to use on multiple videos.

First here is a video demo of this followed by step by step instructions with images.

And here are step by step instructions accomplishing the same thing:

  1. Upload a small video that you will use as a template.  It is irrelevant which video you will upload since we will only be using it as a template to apply it's settings to some other videos.
  2. Add Pre & Post roll videos (for sponsors).   This will be a setting that you will want to copy to other videos.  You can of course add other settings to this template, but for our example we are only using pre-roll and post-roll sponsor clips.
  3. Use the MASS IMPORT option to upload multiple videos simultaneously.

Check the option "Apply settings from another video" and then choose your template video.

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