Storage & Videos

Sometimes there is confusion when we say there are unlimited videos allowed while at the same time limiting the total amount of storage.  There is an important distinction here.

The total number of videos you configure in Spotlightr is indeed unlimited.  This is including the videos you upload to our storage as well as any linked videos from places like Youtube and Vimeo.  

If you are taking advantage of our storage then there is a limit to the total amount your account has.  It's important to note that if you do run out of storage on the Spotlightr cloud you are able to purchase more.

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Turbo Bandwidth VS Regular Bandwidth

Enterprise license accounts come with a certain amount of Turbo Bandwidth per month, which means your videos are delivered via a power CDN network.  Once that runs out in a given month, your videos will still play via Regular Bandwidth.  Of course if your Turbo Bandwidth runs out, you can purchase more from inside your Spotlightr dashboard and use that instead of the Regular Bandwidth.

Please note that the Regular Bandwidth is unlimited so your videos will never stop playing.

In comparison with the Regular Bandwidth, the difference is that the Turbo Bandwidth is intended for professional use and it delivers the content much faster.  

When using Regular Bandwidth your videos are served from our data center in New York City.  When using Turbo Bandwidth, your videos are served from any one of 200 locations across the globe.  

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