Share Gate is a lock that will allow you to lock your video content and allow further access only to those viewers who share your video online.

Here's a live Share Gate example:

To configure this feature navigate to Interaction & Gates >> Social Share Gate.

First step is to configure the time you want to lock the video to ask for the share. In this example we'll lock it at 3 seconds:

Then we'll enter content for the pop-up and also a link to share. Here we are choosing the Watch Page, though you can enter any URL that has is hosting your video:

Next choose your social networks:

And the final step is to configure the design. We have 2 styles to choose from which are pop-up style and overlay style.

You can configure the position and theme as well as the animation and colors:

And here is how that style looks like:

On the LOCK DETAILS tab you'll be able to edit displaying text, add the link that's going to be shared and choose on which Social Media sites.

Also you will choose at which time does this lock show up.

Switching to the Lock Styles tab will allow you to customize your lock a bit more by changing its style and appearance.

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