Evergreen Live Streaming will make your video look and feel like they are being presented live and thus give an inherit scarcity to the content.  

They have the features and feel of a live webinar except they are set up ahead of time with a pre-recorded video with a set date and time to play.

This feature can be found by navigating to Playback Options >> Evergreen "Live" Streaming.

To configure this feature you need to configure the "Conference Time" and "Conference Options".

Conference Time

Here you can specify the date and time when your "live" conference is scheduled. You have 4 options:

Whenever Someone Joins - This will not set a time a date. This will run the video whenever someone open the page. There is an option to delay the start of the playback.

On a Particular Date - This will start the video on a date you specify, as well as the time and time-zone. In this example, I want the video to start on Aug 6th at 12 PM Eastern US time. This is if you want to play the video just once on the specified date and time.

Recurring daily - This will have the video play in a recurring schedule on specified days of the week and time. Here I have it configured to play every Wed and Fri at 4PM Pacific US time:

Recurring Hourly - This will have the video play in a recurring schedule in specified hourly intervals. In this example, the video will start at 6PM and restart every 4 hours:

Here is an example of the countdown timer viewers will see before the video starts. In this example, there is less than 20 seconds left in the countdown before the video will begin.

The title above the countdown and description underneath are configurable in the Conference Options.

Conference Options

Here we will configure a few options:

  • The number of simulated attendees (optional) - This will further simulate the "look and feel" of a live event

  • Enable/disable a "Streaming" indicator (optional) - This shows an optional piece of text in the player. By default, "Streaming" is used and can be changed.

  • Welcome Screen Title and Description - This is shown with the countdown that appears before the video begins.

  • Ending Screen Title and Description - This is shown after the video ends

Once the countdown reaches zero, the video will appear. Some arrows are added here to the screenshot to point out a few items to note:

Some things to note here...you see the "Streaming" indicator in the player on bottom left as well as the simulated viewers on the bottom right. By default, the video starts muted, as indicated by the button in the top right.

For the simulated live viewers, we also wanted to make sure this number was dynamic and changed as the video progressed, so we created an algorithm that accomplishes that.

Finally, you can configure the text for the End Screen:

Here is how that looks after the video ends:

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