The premise is quite simple...a video is added as a "Contest Video" that people can watch and have a chance to win a prize....hence the name "Watch & Win" :)

Points are awarded to the viewer for watching the video till completion. And more points can be awarded to the viewer if they refer the video to others by sharing via social media or other methods. The more points the viewer has, the better chances they have at winning whatever prize is set.

Ideally, your viewers will take part in sharing the video far and wide in order to get more points. Obviously this will help spread the content of the video and also spread your brand. With a well set-up contest, it's certainly possible to go viral.

To view example of the Watch & Win Contest, please refer to this article.

Step by step instructions are below, or you can refer to this brief video tutorial.

To create one go to Watch & Win module:

Click on NEW CONTEST and give it a name and add specific video you want to use on it. Then you will simply edit the contest settings to create your custom contest.

Setting points for video completion and referral is extremely important as those are the ones that will determine the winner. In this case, everyone who finishes watching the video will get 5 points. Referral point have more value, as the viewer has to share your video with their unique link. They will get 10 points if someone else finishes watching the video via their referral link.

You can set your contest to show only on Particular Date or to be Always Available

Besides this, you can set INTRO notification, THANK YOU email and AWARD email for a winner. The switch "One entry per viewer only" will insure that there are no duplicated participation.

Now it's time to publish the video to get the contest started. When you've finished configuring the settings according to your preferences, click on the PUBLISH button to save and publish your contest.

Use the "Copy to clipboard" button to copy the embed code and paste it on your site or you can share the URL with SHARE LINK.

Once you have viewers for your contest, you will have a ranking list.

You are declaring a winner by clicking on the icon shown here and the AWARD email will be sent automatically.

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