The "My Site & Clients" module is where you go to customize your Spotlightr account and viewer experience. You can create your own custom domain so that anyone visiting your Share Link will not see any Spotlightr branding. For example, instead of sharing your link as https://myaccount.cdn.spotlightr.com/publish/r5du#3 you would instead share something like this https://myaccount.mydomain.com/publish/r5du#3.

In addition to the Share Link, your actual Watch Page will also be rebranded. You will be able to add your own logo as well, completely branding the player as your own.

To view an example of completely re-branded Watch Page, please refer to this article.

This module isn't only for rebranding, however. The main advantage of being able to rebrand your account is so that you can resell Sptlightr accounts to your own clients and followers. We offer completely White Labeled accounts to resell at the current price of $10 per month for each Sub Account.

*NOTE* You will need to first configure your Custom Site before you are able to purchase Sub-Accounts

Some very important points regarding reselling:

  • Please keep in mind if you use this option, you must White Label everything. No mention of Spotlightr should be used in your marketing materials or anywhere at all. Violation of this will result in termination of your account. These accounts CANNOT be resold as Spotlightr accounts. They must be sold under your own brand.
  • Another important thing to mention is that we are not offering any kind of support for Sub Account users, only for your "Master" account. Obviously if you are selling under your own brand, your customers would not even know about Sportlightr or our support team
  • How you resell it and how much you resell it for is up to you. You can make it part of a package you offer to clients, you can sell them as separate video hosting accounts, etc. You can charge whatever you like. Keep in mind that Spotlightr does not get involved in how you charge or what you charge your clients. You purchase sub-accounts from us, and then you take it from there.

Here's how our sub-accounts work in a nutshell:

  • Under your own "Master Account" you would purchase a sub-account and you would have complete control over that sub-account. You would create the account with a separate name, email, password, etc and this would be the info you would give to your clients. 
  • Then your clients have their own login credentials and they only have access to their own videos (besides yourself)
  • Master account (i.e. you) will be able to control all of them, so every sub-account is listed here in your "My Site & Clients" module.

Here are instructions on how to create and add your custom domain and logo to completely re-brand Spotlightr.

Creating Your Custom Site

The first step is to set up your custom site. The following fields need to be completed:

Site Title: Title of the site and what will show on the tab in your browser

Site Logo URL: Your logo which will show on your Watch Page

Site Accent Color: Color will show in various spots, enhancing your brand

Custom Domain: This will be the domain that shows in your Share Link (As well as your embed code)

Support Email: The email your sub-accounts will use for support from you

SMS Price: The price you will charge your sub-accounts for SMS credits

Storage Price: The price you will charge your sub-accounts for additional storage (This is optional, more on that below)

CDN Bandwidth: The price you will charge your sub-accounts for additional Bandwidth (This is optional, more on that below)

Custom Code: Any code you want to add to customize your Watch Pages further

We have recently enabled the Custom Code for your site, so when you are reselling Spotlightr you can make some finest adjustments. For example, you can use the Bablic translation service to translate the important elements of a page without modifying them by integrating a short code. This preserves the function of the page, but it is readable in another language. 

Once finished configuring, click on CREATE SITE. You will receive a pop-up message that your site is successfully created and will now be able to add new Sub Accounts.

Purchasing & Creating Sub Accounts


You will need to first purchase sub-accounts before configuring them. You can purchase as many as you want, and you don't need to configure them all once purchased. Once purchased, they are added to your account as you will see below.

Now that they are purchased, you can configure them.

Just click on the NEW SUBACCOUNT button:

Then fill in all information and click on the CREATE SUBACCOUNT:

A pop-up window will appear to inform you that the Sub-Account is  successfully created.

Used/Remaining info is shown here. In this example, 5 have been purchased but only 1 has been used/configured thus far:

Here are options to update or delete that Sub-Account.

The Login page for your customers is your custom domain

It will look like this, for example:

When they log in for the first time, your sub-account user will just need to complete his/her registration and can start using the application. That will include any name changes and also adding their own desired subdomain that will get appended to your custom domain.

Some notes regarding each of your sub-accounts:

  • Each Sub-Account will have the Enterprise license with 10 GB of Storage and 10 GB of bandwidth included. 
  • If your customer/sub-account needs more Storage or Turbo Bandwidth he/she can request this from YOU in the application interface and you will receive these requests as new notifications.
  • It is up to you to approve/deny any request.
  • Any approved amounts of Storage space or Turbo Bandwith will be deducted from your (Master) account.
  • You can purchase additional storage and bandwidth first from Spotlightr, and then allocate that to your sub-accounts. Pricing to purchase more storage or bandwidth is located in the links just above.
  • Keep in mind you are reselling Storage and Bandwidth as well, so you can determine at which prices you sell those to your sub-accounts. These prices are set in in the main settings of the "My Site & Clients" module

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