The "My Site" module is where you go to customize your Spotlightr account and viewer experience.

One of the more popular uses for this Module is creating your own custom domain so that anyone visiting your Watch Page will not see any Spotlightr branding.

For example, instead of your Watch Page link as:


you would instead use something like this:


where 'mydomain' is an actual domain that you own with a sub-domain attached. So if you own acme.com, you can use a sub-domain with it for your Watch Pages. For example, your links could look like https://videos.acme.com/watch/123456.

You can also customize and keep your Watch Pages on-brand by adding your own logo to the pages.

To view an example of completely re-branded Watch Page, please refer to this article.

Creating Your Custom Site

The first step is to set up your custom site. The following fields need to be completed:

Site Title: Title of your brand/account and what will show on the tab in your browser

Site Logo URL: Your logo which will show on your Watch Page

Site Accent Color: Color will show in various spots, enhancing your brand

Custom Domain: This will be the domain that shows in your Watch Page links (As well as certain parts of your embed code). For instruction on setting this up please check this article.

Custom Code: Any code you want to add to customize your Watch Pages further

For example, you can use the Bablic translation service to translate the important elements of a page without modifying them by integrating a short code. This preserves the function of the page, but it is readable in another language. 

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