What is CDN "Turbo" Bandwidth

"Turbo" bandwidth can be defined as the amount of traffic between our CDN servers and users who are viewing your video. Your videos are delivered via that CDN (content delivery network) that is spread out around the world.

A content delivery network is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver video content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the web page and the content delivery server.

This service is effective in speeding the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and websites that have global reach. The closer the CDN server is to the user geographically, the faster the content will be delivered to the user. CDNs also provide protection from large surges in traffic.

Our accounts are configured with a set amount of this CDN bandwidth every month, and it resets on the first of every month.

If your "Turbo" bandwidth runs out in a given month then you will pay an overage fee based on the number of GB you go over.

Please note that Turbo Bandwidth is only being used if you are uploading your videos directly to Spotlightr. If you are linking your videos using our Hybrid Hosting then you are not using any bandwidth from our platform.

You can check your bandwidth balance from your Dashboard here:

Bandwidth Dashboard

Polaris Account: Buying Additional CDN Bandwidth

You can purchase additional bandwidth right from inside your Dashboard. We offer metered usage, so just choose the amount you want to add to your account on a monthly basis.

For example, if you choose to purchase 200 GB of additional CDN bandwidth, that will add on top of the 100 included with the account for a total of 300. That means you will have 300 GB of CDN bandwidth per month.

On the day of your subscription renewal your bandwidth resets. So if your subscription date is on the 15th of the month, your bandwidth will dwindle until the next 15th of the month when it resets back to 300 GB available.

Legacy Enterprise Account: Buying Additional CDN Bandwidth

Here we will explain how you can purchase CDN bandwidth if you are still on a legacy Enterprise account.

Enterprise accounts have 200 GB of bandwidth per month. If that runs out then videos will stop working unless you purchase more bandwidth or switch over to the Polaris account.

If you decide to stay on Enterprise and purchase more, be aware that when you purchase an allotment of bandwidth it rolls over month to month until it runs out.

Here's an example...

Let's assume that your subscription renews on the 1st of the month. On May 1st your subscription renews so your 200 GB of included bandwidth also renews. Then you purchase 500 GB of additional bandwidth.

By May 20th, you run out of your 200 GB monthly allotment and now start using the extra purchased bandwidth. By May 31st you've used an additional 100 GB (300 GB total used for the month, but only 100 of the additional 500 purchased).

When your monthly allotment resets on June 1st, your 200 GB of included bandwidth renews and you will still have 400 extra GB of bandwidth that rolled over.

To purchase more, simply click "Buy Bandwidth" link under your bandwidth usage indicator from the screenshot above.

From there, you can choose which plan you would like to purchase.

Clicking on any of those options will bring you a purchasing menu where you can confirm an already entered credit card or add a new one.

Legacy Startup Account: Buying Additional CDN Bandwidth

f you are on a legacy Startup account and want more than the monthly allotment then you will need to upgrade to the new Polaris account.

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